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SIDDS 2023

SIDDS 2023

Scientific Program

Postgraduate Course (Liver)
Focused updates of portal hypertension and complications

Date / Time April 8 (Sat), 09:00 ~ 10:20
Channel Room A
Chairpersons Soon Koo Baik (Yonsei University Wonju, Korea)
Young-Suk Lim (University of Ulsan, Korea)
Speakers 09:00 ~ 09:20 Current knowledge of acute kidney injury biomarkers in liver cirrhosis Yeon-Seok Seo (Korea University, Korea)
09:20 ~ 09:40 Effect of bacterial infections in liver cirrhosis Young-Kul Jung (Korea University, Korea)
09:40 ~ 10:00 Minimal hepatic encephalopathy: Treat or not Barjesh Chander Sharma (Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital, India)
10:00 ~ 10:20 Management of portal vein thrombosis in liver cirrhosis Sung Eun Kim (Hallym University, Korea)

Postgraduate Course (Pancreatobiliary)
Practical guide to the diagnosis and management of acute pancreatitis

Date / Time April 8 (Sat), 10:40 ~ 12:00
Channel Room A
Chairpersons Hong-Sik Lee (Korea University, Korea)
Young-Koog Cheon (Konkuk University, Korea)
Speakers 10:40 ~ 11:00 Etiology, incidence and severity assessments for acute pancreatitis In Rae Cho (Seoul National University, Korea)
11:00 ~ 11:20 Medical treatment including pharmacological intervention Huapyong Kang (Gachon University, Korea)
11:20 ~ 11:40 Different treatment algorithm: Hypertriglyceridemia, IgG4 related disease Young Hoon Choi (The Catholic University, Korea)
11:40 ~ 12:00 Endoscopic intervention for pancreatitis and local pancreatitis Sundeep Lakhtakia (Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, India)

Postgraduate Course (Upper GI)
Where are we now in the management of gastric neoplasia?

Date / Time April 8 (Sat), 13:50 ~ 15:10
Channel Room A
Chairpersons Jae J Kim (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
Hwoon-Yong Jung (University of Ulsan, Korea)
Speakers 13:50 ~ 14:10 Current status for endoscopic treatment for gastric SET Chan Gyoo Kim (National Cancer Center, Korea)
14:10 ~ 14:30 Best clinical practices for gastric neuroendocrine tumor Seong Woo Jeon (Kyungpook National University, Korea)
14:30 ~ 14:50 Updated endoscopic treatment of early gastric cancer Seiichiro Abe (National Cancer Center Hospital, Japan)
14:50 ~ 15:10 Diagnosis and management of gastric MALT lymphoma Ji Yong Ahn (University of Ulsan, Korea)

Postgraduate Course (Lower GI)
Recent advances in colorectal cancer

Date / Time April 8 (Sat), 15:30 ~ 16:50
Channel Room A
Chairpersons Dong Soo Han (Hanyang University, Korea)
Jun Yu (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Speakers 15:30 ~ 15:50 Advanced endoscopic diagnosis — From virtual chromoendoscopy to artificial intelligence Yoon-Jae Kim (Gachon University, Korea)
15:50 ~ 16:10 Potential applications of the gut microbiome in dealing with CRC Jun Yu (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
16:10 ~ 16:30 Non-invasive CRC screening — From stool to blood Hyoun Woo Kang (Seoul National University, Korea)
16:30 ~ 16:50 Chemopreventive Interventions in average and high-risk individuals Jae Jun Park (Yonsei University, Korea)

Symposium 1 (Upper GI)
Management of Helicobacter pylori: What's new in 2023?

Date / Time April 8 (Sat), 09:00 ~ 10:20
Channel Room B
Chairpersons Jae Gyu Kim (Chung-Ang University, Korea)
Sang Gyun Kim (Seoul National University, Korea)
Speakers 09:00 ~ 09:20 News from Maastricht VI:key aspects Peter Malfertheiner (LMU University Clinic, Germany)
09:20 ~ 09:40 Current genotypic clarithromycin resistance and therapeutic outcomes Woo Chul Chung (The Catholic University, Korea)
09:40 ~ 10:00 Potassium channel acid blockers for eradication Carlo Fallone (McGill University, Canada)
10:00 ~ 10:20 Future needs to be considered in Korean guidelines Seung Joo Kang (Seoul National University, Korea)

Symposium 2 (Motility)
New perspective on functional gastrointestinal disorders

Date / Time April 8 (Sat), 10:40 ~ 12:00
Channel Room B
Chairpersons Peter R Gibson (Monash University, Australia)
In-Kyung Sung (Konkuk University School of Medicine, Korea)
Speakers 10:40 ~ 11:00 Food triggers, but lack of recommendation about diet, low FODMAP, gluten free diet, elimination diet Peter R Gibson (Monash University, Australia)
11:00 ~ 11:20 Impact of the COVID pandemic on gastroenterology Tadayuki Oshima (Hyogo College of Medicine, Japan)
11:20 ~ 11:40 Gastroparesis and functional dyspepsia: Different diseases or different ends of the spectrum? Tae Hee Lee (Soonchunhyang University, Korea)
11:40 ~ 12:00 Histopathology of esophageal motor disorders Hyojin Park (Yonsei University, Korea)

Symposium 3 (Liver)
Management of alcoholic liver disease: Now and the future

Date / Time April 8 (Sat), 13:50 ~ 15:10
Channel Room B
Chairpersons Dong Joon Kim (Hallym University, Korea)
Jaeyoung Jang (Soonchunhyang University, Korea)
Speakers 13:50 ~ 14:10 Pathophysiologic insights of alcoholic liver disease Kenichi Ikejima (Juntendo University, Japan)
14:10 ~ 14:30 Non-invasive diagnosis and biomarkers in alcoholic liver disease Hee-Yeon Kim (The Catholic University, Korea)
14:30 ~ 14:50 Recent and emerging treatments for alcoholic hepatitis Ki Tae Suk (Hallym University, Korea)
14:50 ~ 15:10 Alcohol and hepatocellular carcinoma Young Joo Jin (Inha University, Korea)

Symposium 4 (Big Data)
Advanced big data research in gastroenterology

Date / Time April 8 (Sat), 15:30 ~ 16:50
Channel Room B
Chairpersons Hyun-Soo Kim (Yonsei University Wonju, Korea)
Byung Kyu Park (National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hospital, Korea)
Speakers 15:30 ~ 15:50 Pancreatitis in diabetic patients Dong Kee Jang (Seoul National University, Korea)
15:50 ~ 16:10 Association between PPI use and liver disease Young Youn Cho (Chung-Ang University, Korea)
16:10 ~ 16:30 Metabolic syndrome and the risk of early-onset colorectal cancer Eun Hyo Jin (Seoul National University, Korea)
16:30 ~ 16:50 Guide to big data research for clinicians Seung Won Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

Professor Chung Yong Kim Memorial Lecture

Date / Time April 8 (Sat), 13:00 ~ 13:50
Channel Room A & Room B
Chair Kyung-Suk Suh (Seoul National University, Korea)
Speaker 13:00 ~ 13:50 My journey as a clinician and researcher for liver cancer Joong-Won Park (National Cancer Center, Korea)

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